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Welcome to UTips!

The first step of studying abroad may seem daunting at first when we reflect on our own journey and future aspirations. However, we believe that as long as you have goals and perseverance, UTips will always be there with you along the way with a plan to grow and succeed!

UTips is a Canadian education and study-tour company under Tips-Tips Holding Ltd. Our advantage is a long history of experience and client-centered services for our students. In 2008, the Canadian Immigration launched the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) for international students. To address the needs of our future leaders, our company has been dedicated in helping numerous international students with career planning services, guided by the latest job market trends, and side-by-side training.

Our experienced team is comprised of Canadian senior licensed immigration consultants, career strategy mentors and alumni educational specialists, creating an interactive real-time online consultation experience. We also provide timely and up-to-date information on Canadian education policies, prestigious schools, private aristocratic institutions and information on changes to the local job market. You can also take advantage of our study consultations, VISA and immigration applications, and settlement arrangement services (e.g. accommodation, guardianship services, insurance etc.). Parents of the student(s) can also reach out directly to us if you have any questions or require any new consultations or services at any time!

In a new but unfamiliar country,
studying abroad does not mean you have to do it alone!
Let us accompany you on the path that we have traveled…...

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