Summer Camps and Study Tours

Before you make the decision to choose Canada to further your education, you may like to experience whether Canada is a suitable place for studying and living for you. Studying tours or summer camps are very good options to experience the educational atmosphere, Canadian culture and the climate in advance.

Working with Seed Education with partnerships to reputable local universities, we provide fun summer camps and study tours for different needs, including for elementary schools, universities, public or aristocratic private schools, and customised study or business tours. Whatever your needs are, we have thoughtful ideas, as one of the top brands of summer camps for study tours.

Seed Education Inc.

University of Toronto “English Plus” Language Program

The “English Plus” course offered by the University of Toronto, Canada’s highest number one ranking university, lasts for 4 weeks with 20 lessons per week. Leveraging North America’s interactive teaching modules and a strong English learning environment, the program cultivates an authentic English learning experience including Western teaching methods with the effectiveness of daily English communication skills improvements.

Top Aristocratic School - Upper Canada College "Summer Life" Summer Camp

The “Summer Life” summer camp is a boarding summer camp launched by Upper Canada College (UCC), a top aristocratic public school in Canada for children aged 10-16, within the vibrant metropolis of Toronto. “Summer Life” is divided into elementary camp (10-11 years old), intermediate camp (12-13 years old) and advanced camp (14-16 years old).

Canada's top private school Branksome Hall - University of Toronto Parent-Child Summer Day Camps Program

《Branksome Hall-University of Toronto Parent-Child Summer Day Camps Program》 is not the typical parent-child tour in the traditional sense, but a holistic platform that combines education, tourism, and leisure experience with the parents. In a month away from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life, parents can build a meaningful relationship with their children’s personal and academic journey together.

Class Afloat - Semester or Academic Year

For high-school, university, and gap-years, students can sail through the Atlantic Ocean on a traditional barquentine from the popular sailing era. At the same time, the student can continue their academic courses and accelerate to a prestigious Canadian school after completing the project. With a new revolutionary learning experience, be amongst the sunshine of the Caribbean and the turbulent waves of the Cape of Good Hope. The life of the Mediterranean will be an experience you will treasure for years to come!

Upper Canada College - University of Toronto Parent-Chile Training Class

With a unique combination of prestigious schools, students will enjoy the warmth of the summer sun in Canada’s top private schools along with different cultures, and an immersive and authentic English environment. Students will have the opportunity to learn from Canada’s top university and also experience the unique values of the West.

Immersive English Summer Camp

Established in 1932, the private high school is located on the south side of Niagara Falls, the largest transnational waterfall in the world. The school covers an area of more than 120 acres with beautiful sceneries and excellent landscapes. With highly trained educators, an immersive English learning environment, and more than 40 years of ESL teaching experience, our schools can help you accelerate the student’s authentic and English speaking skills.

Resume Optimization Credit Summer Camp

Most foreign universities will not only consider whether to admit a student based on academic scores alone, but will also consider the student’s experience and background. In the case of similar scores amongst their peers, an enhanced resume can help a student stand out from a group of candidates. Seed Education is an exclusive summer camp tailored to the admission preferences of prestigious schools in North America, so students can put their best foot forward in their applications in Ontario.

Equestrian Summer Camp

Established in 1932, the private high school is located on the south side of Niagara Falls. The school occupies more than 120 acres, with beautiful scenery and excellent facilities. The highly trained teachers are proficient in safety rules and first aid with complete safety equipment including helmets, riding boots, protective gear, gloves and other supporting equipment to protect the safety of the students.

Summer high school sprint training camp in Ontario, Canada

Still undecided about which summer camp is a good fit for your children’s summer vacation plans? Compared with the typical study tour summer camps options, the Ontario Summer High School Sprint Camp is among the best choices which will bring a unique academic experience to your children’s high school career.

Toronto York District Board of Education Summer Credit Course

Utilizing the advantages of the summer credits, elective ESL courses while obtaining high school credits certified by Ontario, Canada, the student can meet the basic requirements for applying for our prestigious schools. With the Toronto York District Education Bureau (YRDSB) official cooperation project, experience authentic North American classrooms and a rich elective of courses. With us, your children will explore many future career plans and improve upon their English speaking skills.


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